Sunday, December 30, 2012

Comment period for Aged and Disabled waiver renewal

Family Voices Indiana encourages its members to share their voice regarding policy changes that affect their loved ones. FSSA has announced a public comment period for the A&D waiver.

The Division of Aging is soliciting public comment until January 25, 2013 regarding the upcoming renewal of the Aged and Disabled Waiver. Click here to see the document.
Comments may be emailed to

Changes are highlighted in the preamble, including:
Clarification has been added to Adult Family Care, Attendant Care, Case Management, Environmental Modifications, Homemaker, and Respite, that “services will not be reimbursed when provided by a parent of a minor child participant, the spouse of a participant, the attorney-in fact (POA) of a participant, the health care representative (HCR) of a participant, or the legal guardian of a participant.”  
Description of Participant Direction- Clarification added that “Individuals directing care on behalf of the participant will be required to sign the 90 Day Self Directed Attendant Care 90 Day Review Checklist & verify weekly face to face visits with the participant.”  
Opportunity to Request Fair hearing- Updated appeal time frame from 30 to 33 days; clarification added that case manager must document “in the electronic case management database”; clarification added that the opportunity to request a fair hearing includes level of care decisions   

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