Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Changes to the transition IEP

Family Voices Indiana shares this information from the Indiana secondary transition resource center. This communication is directed primarily to teachers in regards to compliance issues, but we felt it was important that families have the same information so they can be better informed as partners at their child's case conference. Please discuss this with your child's teacher of record if you have any concerns.

Do you know there have been some format updates to the Indiana IEP?
Do you know there is a drop down list of suggested action verbs for postsecondary goals or the “I will” statements to help ensure compliance?
Do you know there is a table to list each of the transition assessments conducted each year?

Embeded is a document developed by the Indiana Department of Education with the new updates to the Indiana IEP. Please remember from a compliance standpoint, you must:

·        Identify the name of the transition assessment and summarize the findings or results of the assessment
·        If an independent living skills (ILS) goal is not needed (e.g., the student has sufficient skills), you must complete an ILS transition assessment and summarize the findings at the age of 14. Each year after (15 and older) you can review the evidence to ensure the student is making progress and an ILS goal is not needed
·        For compliance, if a previous IEP documented an ILS goal is not needed, the current IEP must continue to include the name of the ILS transition assessment used and the summary  of findings

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