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Each month, Family Voices Indiana provides the families we serve with a summary of our hottest Facebook posts. If you missed us on Facebook, here is the latest!

January 20: International Day of Acceptance. This day of celebration and advocacy was created by the people at 3E Love in order to achieve social acceptance of disability.
January 23: Ed Roberts Day. Ed Roberts is considered the father of the Independent Living Movement.
Birth Defects Prevention Month. (We’re not really fans of that terminology.) You can learn more here because we certainly want to promote healthy babies.
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. Above all other times of the year, January is the month that presents the most challenges in recruiting people to give blood. You can find a location here:

Family Voices:
Check out our Family Voices Staff Spotlights! This month’s page featured specialists Kerry Bonney and Ofelia Jimenez.
Facebook fans liked our many inspirational quotes. Be sure to check out our page for a pick-me-up.
This article tells of a family’s experience purchasing their daughter’s first wheelchair. Are you in the process of doing the same? Call us if you have questions.
Are you a special needs warrior parent? You’ll identify with this mom!
Home should be a place of comfort for the whole family. Read this article to learn how to make your home accessible for your child with special needs.
We were inspired by the 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids SportsKids of the Year, and we think you will be, too.
If you hear any of these red flags at your child's IEP meeting, you can always ask to reconvene the case conference once you've had a chance to get more information about your rights, or ask for prior written notice if you can't agree. It's good advice to review the IEP before signing it, but not signing it will not stop it from being implemented. We can provide more info if you need it.
Most of us go day to day just doing what needs to be done for our children. This article illustrates what those days look like. “Sometimes you can’t see your life until you step away and look.”
These hopeful stories provide unique insights into the ways canine assistants improve people’s lives. If you need help connecting with agencies that provide service dogs, please let us know.
We thought this might be a helpful post for those of you who have a child with no diagnosis, and even for those of you who do.
Many of us have difficulty understanding sensory processing disorder, and/or explaining it to others. Not only is this video from the child’s perspective, but it also makes it fairly easy for most people to understand. Let us know what you think and be sure to SHARE it to spread awareness and understanding.
Getting a new ASD diagnosis can be overwhelming. As parents begin to regroup, learning how to navigate education, medical, and insurance systems, they may also wonder: When will we tell our child about this diagnosis? When will we tell his brothers and sisters? How will we tell them? This article may help.

Training and Learning Opportunities:
Family Voices works to fulfill our mission of empowering families by providing you with educational opportunities and resources. Check our website frequently for learning resources by visiting: month, we shared the following on Facebook.
We see a lot of questions on other pages and forums about car seat safety for children with special health care needs. Oftentimes, conventional restraints are appropriate for children with medical needs. Not only can they provide suitable positioning and protection, but also they are easier to obtain, less expensive, and more convenient to use than many of the specialized restraints. However, if a conventional restraint does not meet a child's positioning needs and proper use of the restraint is comprised then a specialized restraint should be considered. Please follow the link for more info, including contact info for the Auto Safety Program at Riley: 1-800-543-6227
Do you have a teen who has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism? Consider this 11-week course on Intimate Relationships and Sexual Health for Young Adults with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Challenges. The course is based on curriculum developed by Melissa Dubie and Catherine Davies from the Indiana Resource Center for Autism.
When: Thursday Evenings, from 5:30 – 7:30pm, from Feb 21th – May 2nd
Where: 6435 Castleway West Drive, Suite 127, Indianapolis IN 46250
Instructors: Kelly Ernsperger, MSW LCSW; Cristy James; Elise Montoya, RN
Tuition: $585 
For Questions or to Register: Contact Cristy James at or 317.944.8167 or Apply online at:

We've created a FB page for our Latino families who prefer information in Spanish and/or would like to connect with other families. Check it out:
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the updated poverty guidelines for the 48 states and D.C., Alaska and Hawaii. These guidelines are used to determine eligibility for many federal programs and federal-state partnership programs such as Medicaid and CHIP (the Children’s Health Insurance Program). If you need additional info about program eligibility, feel free to contact us.
Extracurricular activities, like sports, have remained a grand separator for students with disabilities from the general student population, until now. New guidance from the U.S. Department of Education clarifies school districts' legal obligations to provide equal access to extracurricular athletic activities to students with disabilities. The guidance document also provides examples of the types of reasonable modifications that schools may be required to make to existing policies, practices, or procedures for students with intellectual, developmental, physical, or any other type of disability.
One of the FAQ we get is about transportation, especially for those with disabilities. Be sure to talk to your legislator about the issue and how it affects you or your family.
These are new guidelines for immunizations, from the Indiana State Department of Health. You might want to discuss this info with your child's doctor.
We're sharing this article so you can learn more about possible deductions and credits, but be sure to ask an accountant to verify the information.
MyMusicRx delivers music medicine to seriously ill kids. Visit to learn more.

Requests for Collaboration:
Family Voices always encourages followers to use their voice to affect positive change to our systems, public and private policies. Here’s how you can use your voice.
Are you and your teen having problems getting along? Indiana University School of Social Work needs parents of youth ages 10 to 16 to take part in a study. The study will look at the effects of using an online multimedia program and guided discussion for parents of challenging youth. Online participation is anonymous. Participants completing the study receive $40.00. Contact David at or call 317-445-0793 to participate. Link:

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