Friday, April 5, 2013

Update on SB 551: Medicaid expansion and block grants

Family Voices Indiana was one of many individuals and agencies that provided testimony regarding SB 551. You can read that here:

Update: SB 551 passed out of committee 8-5, as amended.  Key changes:
-              Establishment of ACA Study Committee
-              Removal of block grant language
-              Requires (v. authorizes) Administration to negotiate with feds regarding expansion
-              Automatic termination of expansion if federal financial participation drops below ACA levels (i.e., 100% for first 3 years; 90% in 2020 and beyond)
-              Requires inclusion of mental health and addiction services; chiropractic services
-              Allows expansion through any health care or 3rd party serve model, including a premium support program like the Arkansas model

It will now move to the full House. There is still time to contact your legislators about any concerns you may have. You can find that info here:

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