Thursday, May 2, 2013

Comment period for HIP waiver extension

Family Voices shares the following information about Indiana's Medicaid Expansion plans:

Now posted on the state’s ACA website ( is a letter dated April 30, 2013 from CMS to FSSA Secretary Minott confirming that CMS has received the state’s update and supplement to its HIP Waiver extension application (first submitted on 2/13/13 and resubmitted on 4/11/13) and determining that the extension request has met federal requirements for a complete request (the state having now received public comments and submitting a summary of the stakeholder feedback as a supplement to the original extension application).  The letter is found at:

According to the letter, this triggers the 30-day Federal comment period, beginning on April 30, 2013 and ending May 30, 2013.  CMS will not act on the extension request until 15 days, at a minimum, after the conclusion of this public comment period.  CMS will continue to accept comments beyond the 30-day period, however it cannot guarantee that comments received after the 30-day comment period will be considered due to the need for a timely Federal response. 

To submit comments, visit the CMS website for Indiana -  From there, click on HIP and scroll down to see how to post and preview public comments.

You can keep up to date on Medicaid Expansion in Indiana by following Hoosiers for Medicaid Expansion and/or Cover Indiana.

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