Friday, November 29, 2013

DD commission final report

Family Voices share the following final report of the DD Commission's interim committee:

The Commission met four times during the 2013 interim: August 6, 2013, August 27,
2013, September 24, 2013, and October 8, 2013. All Commission meetings were held at the State House in Indianapolis. For more detailed information concerning the
testimony at a meeting, please see the minutes for the Commission, which can be
accessed from the General Assembly Homepage at 

PD 3246 Start Program Evaluation 
Lacking a quorum, the Commission took no official action.
The Commission made the following recommendations to:
(1) support the development of a registry of professional guardians to track the 
number of clients assigned to each guardian.
(2) explore the development of a registry of offenders convicted of abuse, 
neglect, or exploitation of a developmentally disabled individual.
(3) support the certification of direct service providers to include an educational 
component provided statewide by IV Tech or a similar institution.
(4) support the addition of a direct support professional to the membership of the
Commission on Developmental Disabilities.

You can find all DD meeting notes and archived webcasts here:

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