Saturday, January 25, 2014

Action Alert: HB 1337 Hearing Aids

Family Voices Indiana shares the following announcement from Hear Indiana that might be of interest to many of our members:

LEGISLATIVE UPDATEHouse Bill 1337 is a great first step in securing adequate funding for children's hearing aids. The bill would require a study to determine the need and cost for hearing aids. (please see synopsis below)
Hear Indiana is lending SUPPORT for HB 1337 introduced by Rep Tim Brown. Join us! You can follow the bill's progress directly at
Please take a minute now to email the Health Committee before Monday’s hearing.Just copy and paste the list of email addresses for the Health Committee (below) into your BCC (blind carbon copy) line and send your message.
NOTE: This bill will be heard on Monday by the Health Committee. You are invited to attend the hearing in SUPPORT of the bill THIS MONDAY AT 10:30AM.
HOUSE BILL No. 1337 Synopsis: Hearing aid study. Requires the state department of health to report information to the health finance commission concerning: (1) the number of minors who are hearing impaired; and (2) the estimated cost for a state program and a health insurance requirement to provide hearing aids to those minors.
Here is a simple message email. Please edit it as you see fit.
Dear Representative,
I am writing in SUPPORT of HB 1337. Many Hoosier children cannot afford hearing aids. Without the ability to hear, they cannot learn. Please vote in favor of HB 1337 on Monday Jan 27th. Let's give all Hoosiers a sound start in life!
Thank you,
Here is the email list for the Health Committee (cut and paste in the BCC line of your email),,,,,  ​


Anonymous said...

The drafted legislative letter is not appropriate. It implies that Deaf children cannot learn if they cannot hear. Deaf children are born with full potential to learn. Regardless of residual hearing Deaf and Hard of hearing children should have first access to American Sign Language.
The comment is misinforming. Please revise to simply that deaf and hard of hearing children need to have affordable access to hearing aids through family and individual preferences or choices.

FV Indiana said...

We simply shared the post from Hear Indiana, as indicated in the preface. We encourage our members to write personal letters that reflect their own feelings on the topic. We believe that all children can learn given the proper supports, whatever those might be.