Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DDRS announcement: FS/CIH waiver program adjustments

Family Voices shares the following update from DDRS:

To: Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services Providers and Stakeholders
From: Nicole Norvell, Director, DDRS
Re: Waiver Program Adjustments
Date: January 15, 2014

In an effort to ensure that each of its consumers receives superior services in the most efficient
manner possible, the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) is taking
immediate action to compress the length of time it takes for a family who has accepted a
Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver to begin to receive case management services.
This letter will outline these efforts and explain some priority changes that are being made in
the short term.

Following a recent evaluation prompted by our mission to improve efficiency and quality in the
delivery of services, DDRS has identified a productivity issue that it is already in the process of
addressing. DDRS has discovered that, due to past practices, several individuals and/or families
are experiencing delays at various points in the process. These are individuals or families who
have indicated an interest in services after receiving waiver targeting letters.

FSSA Secretary Debra Minott, DDRS Director Nicole Norvell and their staff are placing a greater
emphasis on customer service and administering the programs under DDRS with vastly
improved timeliness and accuracy. Therefore, efforts are being concentrated immediately to
move impacted individuals through the process as quickly as possible so they may access
needed services. In addition, further evaluation is underway to better understand the issues
that have caused these barriers. As a result of these focused efforts and as a way to avoid
compounding the issues, DDRS is temporarily suspending the current targeting practices until a
vast majority of those currently accepted to a waiver program are receiving case management
services and until it can be assured that services can be delivered in a more timely manner
going forward.

DDRS recognizes that the solution to these concerns requires broad system input and
engagement. The Division has sought feedback and assistance from INARF, The Arc of Indiana,
and case management organizations on ideas for both short and long term solutions and to
ensure services are available from the provider network. We will continue to work with and accept feedback from all stakeholders as we endeavor to achieve our goals of providing quality
and efficient service to Hoosiers. If you have questions regarding the waiver adjustments please
call DDRS at 1-800-545-7763.

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