Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FS and CIH Waiver Amendments

Family Voices Indiana shares the following announcement from DDRS:

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s Division of Disability and Rehabilitative 
Services (DDRS) has received approval of the 3rd Amendment to the Family Supports Waiver 
(FSW), IN.0387.R02.03, as well as the 5
 Amendment to the Community Integration and 
Habilitation Waiver (CIHW), IN.0378.R02.05, from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid 
Services (CMS). 
The Family Supports and the Community Integration and Habilitation waiver programs provide 
Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) through 1915(c) Waivers to participants 
residing in a range of community settings as an alternative to care in an intermediate care 
facility for persons with intellectual disabilities or related conditions. 
Family Supports Waiver 
Amendments to the FSW are approved, with an effective date of January 1, 2014, and include 
the following changes: 
 The annual cap has been increased from $16,250 to $16,545. 
 The Quality Improvement System (QIS) and Performance Measures approved by CMS 
and implemented in 2013 have now been included in the amendment. 
 Legislated accreditation requirements for providers of day services are now reflected 
within the amendment per the requirements of Indiana Code 12-11-1.1-1(d)(1). 
Additional waiver slots have been made available under Waiver Year 5 to reduce the waiting list 
and provide waiver services to additional consumers under the waiver 
Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver 
Amendments to the CIHW are approved, with an effective date of February 1, 2014, and 
include the following changes: 
 One Reserved Wavier Capacity priority category was revised, increasing the overall 
capacity reserved for priority entrance to this waiver 
 Wellness Coordination services were added 
 Previously budgeted but unused funding was shifted to the FSW  
Also, both amendments reflect approval from CMS for a two percent rate increases to the 
specific waiver services for which rates were reduced in 2010. 
 Under the FSW, rate increases are applicable only to Respite, Facility Based Habilitation 
(Individual) and Community Based Habilitation (Individual). The higher expenditure cap 
was implemented to ensure that these increased rates do not in any way reduce waiver 
services for the waiver participants. 
 Under the CIHW, rate increases are applicable only to Residential Habilitation and 
Support - Level 1 and Residential Habilitation and Support – Level 2, Respite, Community 
Based Habilitation (Individual) and Community Based Habilitation (Individual). 
Both waivers are posted on the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities’ webpage and details of 
the waiver changes are outlined at the beginning of each amendment under the section titled 
“Purpose of Amendment.” Relevant changes will soon also be made within the DDRS Waiver 

Manual and additional questions about the amendments or the wavier program should be 
directed to 

If you have questions about this, or any FV communication, feel free to contact us at 317 944 8982

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