Friday, June 20, 2014

Changes to Parking at #Riley

Family Voices shares the following information from IU Health

Upcoming changes to some parking garages on the Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI) campus are of special interest to Indiana University Health patients and their families. Details are provided below, with information also shared at
What is the change?
No people will be in the booths at the exits of the IUPUI parking garages. All parking fees will be accepted through Automated Pay Stations (APS). The APS machines are located in the garages. Cash, credit card and IUPUI-issued validations can be used for payment.
When does this change start?

July 1, 2014
July 1, 2014
Which garages near IU Health hospitals are included in this change?
The Riley at IU Health Outpatient Center, Wilson Street, Vermont Street and the IU Health University Hospital Outpatient garages.
Not included in this change:
The Simon Family Tower Garage at Riley at IU Health and garages at IU Health Methodist Hospital are NOT included in this change.
Tips for using the APS system:
Take an entry ticket when entering the garage. Do not bend, damage or lose the ticket. When leaving the hospital, look for signs that point to APS machines. Insert the ticket into the APS machine. (The APS accepts cash, credit cards and IUPUI parking validation cards.) Pay the amount shown. The machine will validate and return your ticket. Use the ticket at the exit station to exit the garage.
Is there an APS at the garage exit?
Yes. Payment can also be made at an “Exit Terminal” located at each exit. Credit cards and IUPUI parking validation cards are accepted at the exit terminals. Note: Cash is not accepted at the exit terminals.
How much does it cost to park? What form of payments are accepted?
Rates start at $4 for one hour and increase for every extra hour. The maximum fee is $16. If the parking ticket is lost, the fee is $16. Cash, credit cards or IUPUI parking validation cards are accepted at the lobby APS terminals. Credit cards and IUPUI parking validation cards are accepted at the exit APS terminals. 
What if help is needed?
All Automated Pay Stations and Exit Terminals are equipped with a call button and calls are answered 24/7. For any issues or questions, call317.274.4232. For any security concerns, call IUPUI security at317.274.7911.  

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