Friday, August 15, 2014

Meet Our New Specialists in #Lafayette and #Evansville

Brandi Kuhlenschmidt serves as a Health Information Specialist for the Evansville/Southwest Indiana region.  Brandi is mom to two daughters Audrey and Anna. Anna was diagnosed with Autism just before her third birthday.  Brandi was born and raised in Evansville and has spent the last several years learning to navigate the system to provide the best possible future for Anna.
Brandi is excited to work with Family Voices Indiana to help other families on their journey find all of the services and resources they need to give their loved one the supports they need. Brandi has spent the past fifteen years working with families and children in the not for profit sector and will use that experience, as well as all of the experience she has gained raising Anna, to help families educate themselves and feel empowered as they care for someone with a special health care need and/or disability.
Kate Sondgerath is our specialist in the Lafayette/Tippecanoe County area. Kate is the mother of two sons, ages 13 and 12. Her older son was born with seizures and developmental delays due to birth trauma. He is an early intervention success story and is now an active 8th grader who loves school and sports. Kate’s younger son has moderate autism and loves being outside, attending summer day camps and collecting figurines of movie characters.
Before moving to Lafayette in 2011, Kate lived in the Chicago area for close to 20 years. In Chicago, Kate worked as a hospital administrator at two large academic medical centers. Kate’s passion has always been assuring the delivery of the best possible healthcare to children. Since having 2 sons with special healthcare needs, Kate has realized how difficult it can be to secure access to the best care and in turn, find adequate financing to pay for the care. Kate is eager to support families who are facing the challenges that are so familiar to her.
Kate feels the most rewarding aspect of her job as a specialist is the knowledge she is gaining and using that knowledge to advocate for her own sons and the clients Family Voices of Indiana serves.

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