Thursday, October 23, 2014

Money Follows the Person-Community Integration and Habilitation #Waiver

To: Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) Providers 
From: Julie Reynolds, Director, Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services 
Re: Money Follows the Person-Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver (MPF-CIH) 

Date: October 23, 2014

In cooperation with the Division of Aging, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) is excited to announce its participation in the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program beginning this month.
The MFP program is a federal grant awarded to help states move individuals from institutional settings to home- and community-based settings. The Division of Aging was awarded the MFP demonstration grant in 2007 to serve individuals who reside in nursing facilities and meet program and level of care requirements for the Aged and Disabled (A&D) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) waivers. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved the addition of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, who reside in a qualified institution, meet program requirements and meet 
the eligibility and level of care requirements for the Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver to participate in the MFP Grant.
The MFP program is designed to require a contracted entity perform all of the transition activities and case management services for the participation period. CareStar of Indiana, LLC, was the most recent winner of the Division of Aging’s Request for Proposal to provide services for the totality of Indiana’s 
MFP program, which includes the A&D, TBI and now the CIH waivers. The Division of Aging, through CareStar of Indiana, LLC, and BDDS will both work to identify individuals who may qualify for enrollment in the MFP-CIH program.
As of this month, providers who are currently enrolled as a CIH waiver provider will also qualify and be enrolled to serve participants of the new MFP-CIH program. Software updates completed on September 15 automatically added MFP-CIH for qualified providers. The MFP-CIH grant program will be identical to 
the CIH Waiver program in most ways, including:
 Medicaid eligibility
 ICF/IDD level of care eligibility
 Freedom of choice
 Hearings and appeals
 Objective Based Allocation
 Person Centered Planning
 Individualized Support Plan
 Cost Comparison Budget and Notice of Action
 Budget Review Questionnaire (BRQ) and Budget Modification Request (BMR)
 Service Definitions and Requirements
 Incident Reporting and Follow-Up Reviews
Individuals will be eligible for the MFP-CIH grant for 365 program days following their discharge from their institutional setting and will be eligible to transition to the CIH at the conclusion of their MFP-CIH grant period.
As an individual’s time in the MFP-CIH program comes to an end, they will be transitioned by BDDS staff to the CIH. BDDS staff will begin to work with individuals 90 days prior to the time their MFP-CIH will end in order to ensure an appropriate transition. As part of the transition, individuals will be given a 
choice of a new case management company to work with under the CIH Waiver. 
BDDS and the Division of Aging will announce additional training regarding provider billing at a later date. An updated Medicaid Waiver Services, codes and rates chart, effective October 1, is available on the BDDS webpage. Rates and services for MFP-CIH are identical to those for the CIH Waiver.

Questions regarding the MFP-CIH program may be directed to Juman Bruce (, the Indiana MFP project coordinator with the Division of Aging, and/or Emily Larimer ( with BDDS. Local BDDS district offices are also available to answer questions. More information on the MFP program can be found on the MFP webpage. 

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