Monday, May 4, 2015


Indianapolis – The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) today announced that the hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers enrolled in the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) are now also eligible for the state’s new Gateway to Work program. Gateway to Work, which started today, will help HIP members who enroll identify a career path that could lead to either securing gainful employment or a better job in a new industry. 
“Gateway to Work and the Healthy Indiana Plan are ideally matched because they give low income Hoosiers a set of parallel tracks toward improving their health, their lives and the lives of their families,” said Governor Mike Pence. 
Gateway to Work is a free, voluntary program that offers Healthy Indiana Plan members a variety of services, including an initial assessment of their skills and abilities to identify personal actions to achieve their employment goals.
The program assists Healthy Indiana Plan members with completing job applications, creating resumes, improving job-interview skills and job-search assistance. Gateway to Work features tools to match participants’ experience and skills with employers who have job openings.
“In some cases financial assistance is available to pay for short-term skills training for high-demand jobs, or classes to secure credentials needed in highly competitive fields,” said Adrienne Shields, director of FSSA’s Division of Family Resources, which started sending letters to HIP members this week instructing them how they can sign up for Gateway to Work.
Some Gateway to Work participants may also be eligible for assistance to overcome any barriers to getting a job that can be discouraging to someone with a low income. These can include money for transportation or clothing for job interviews.
The decision to participate or not to participate in the Gateway to Work program does not affect a Healthy Indiana Plan member’s coverage or benefits.  
FSSA is sending letters to approximately 300,000 Hoosiers now enrolled in the Healthy Indiana Plan, notifying them of their eligibility to participate in the Gateway to Work program. Interested plan members can visit the Website at for more information, or call 1-800-403-0864 and choose Option 1, then Option 6. 

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