Friday, July 17, 2015

Health #Insurance Jeopdary

from NDRC:

 "Health Insurance Jeopardy" has come to YouTube! Last week, we highlighted the three videos we had added on topics such as prescription drugsmedical devices and rehabilitation and habilitation benefits. This week, the final three videos were released and they deal with Medicaid eligibilitythe summary of benefits and coverage and mental health. If you’re unfamiliar with our Jeopardy presentation, it is based on the game show of the same name because shopping for health insurance is just like the game show in that it’s not about the answer – it’s about asking the right question. To read our blog post which provides more details on the video series and includes a link to the YouTube playlist for all six, click here. All of the videos can be found on our YouTube channel by clicking here or on the NDNRC "Webinars/Presentations" page here.

Family Voices Indiana has also added them to their channel, here.

Are you looking for local partners to help with outreach to the disability community? The NDNRC has funded eleven Community Outreach Collaboratives (COCs) for the second year of enrollment. The COCs will increase collaborations in the community, dissemination and outreach efforts and enrollment of people with disabilities in the ACA. To find a COC, click here.

Family Voices Indiana is the COC for Indiana. Contact us at 317 944 8982

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