Thursday, November 5, 2015

Introducing Our Newest Specialists!

Family Voices Indiana is dedicated to serving families across Indiana. We recently hired two new specialists we'd like to introduce:
Carol Crawn is one of our Health Information Specialists for Central Indiana. She has experience in many areas related to individuals with special health care needs. Carol taught special education for 7 years before taking on her current role as a Family Support Liaison for a virtual charter school. She worked as a First Steps service coordinator prior to teaching. In college, she worked at a mental health care facility where she focused on helping adolescents. 
She and her husband have two children, Faith and Will. Carol lived a majority of her life in Terre Haute before moving to the Indianapolis area. Her family relocated to Indianapolis in order to find health care and service providers for Faith. Faith is diagnosed with autism, seizures and food allergies.  
Carol’s passion is to help families find the services and care needed for their loved one with special needs.  She believes in educating families to advocate for themselves so they can make informed decisions that are best for their family.

Paige Fremion is one of our specialists serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities. She has two beautiful daughters: Jaylee, who is 4, and Myla, who is 2. Jaylee suffered an in-utero stroke that caused significant damage to her brain and resulted in multiple disabilities and special health care needs. She received services through First Steps since infancy and has undergone brain surgery in hopes of controlling her catastrophic epilepsy. Jaylee’s diagnoses include cystic encephalomalacia, spastic quadriparesis secondary to cerebral palsy, septo-optic dysplasia with cortical blindness, infantile spasms with intractable epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and global developmental delays.  Paige’s daughters are her inspiration and motivation for learning and helping others. 
Paige is currently a student at the University of Saint Francis majoring in Social Work and Child Welfare. She plans to earn her Master’s degree and be licensed as a Clinical Social Worker. As a mother to an amazing child with special needs, her heart is set on teaching, helping, empowering, and advocating for those with disabilities and special health care needs. Paige is beyond excited to be a part of the Family Voices team. She is excited to continue learning and bringing her experiences to share and teach other families and parents.

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