Friday, November 6, 2015

#Waiverwise: Facility-Based Support Services

Waiver services should be person centered. You will create a Service Plan within the budget limit ( $16,545 annually for FSW). There is more information available on this process in the waiver manual.

More information, including service costs, available in the manual:

Facility-Based Support services

Facility-Based Support services are facility-based group programs designed to meet the needs of participants with impairments through individual POC. These structured, comprehensive, nonresidential programs provide health, social, recreational, therapeutic activities, supervision, support services, and personal care and may also include optional or nonwork related educational and life skill opportunities. Participants attend on a planned basis. Facility settings are defined as non-residential, non-integrated settings that take place within the same buildings for the duration of the service rather than being out in the community. 

Reimbursable Activities include the following: 
 Monitoring and/or supervision of activities of daily living (ADLs) defined as dressing, grooming, eating, walking, and toileting with hands-on assistance provided as needed 
 Appropriate structure, supervision, and intervention 
 Minimum staff ratio: 1 staff for each 16 participants 
 Medication administration 
 Optional or non-work related educational and life skill opportunities (such as how to use computers/computer programs/Internet, set an alarm clock, write a check, fill out a bank deposit slip, plant and care for vegetable/flower garden, and so on) may be offered and pursued

These services must be provided in a congregate, protective setting in groups not to exceed 16:1

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