Saturday, November 21, 2015

#Waiverwise: Helpful Hints for Participants and Guardians Selecting Waiver Providers

Here are some tips on selecting a provider (member guidance is included in this section for provider reference): 

 Selecting good providers is critical. It is helpful to think about the issues that are important to you and your family member before you begin the process. A list of certified waiver providers for each county is available through your Case Manager. If you are new to waiver services, or your current agency has terminated your service, you need to prioritize the providers and try to schedule interviews and visits within a short time frame, so the process does not become extended. Individuals who are new to the waiver program are asked to select a provider within 14 calendar days of receiving the pick list. Individuals who have been terminated by the current provider must select and transition to a new provider within 60 calendar days of termination. 

 You will be able to make an informed choice by reading information, such as the DDRS Home and Community-Based Waiver Provider Manual, or by discussing alternatives with the Case Manager or an advocate. You may want to visit an individual who is currently receiving waiver services or meet with various service providers. Case Managers can assist in setting up visits or meeting with service providers. 

 Sometimes a provider can arrange for you to visit people who are receiving services from the provider. Remember, when you visit a house or apartment where waiver services are being provided, you are visiting someone’s home. 

 When meeting with providers or Case Managers, it is important to take notes because it is easy to forget details later. Ask for copies of any written materials, write down names, titles, telephone numbers, email addresses, and so on, and the date of the meeting. It’s important to maintain accurate information. 

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