Sunday, November 1, 2015

#Waiverwise: Learning about Medicaid Waiver Services

We get a lot of questions from families who finally receive the waiver and are not sure what exactly this means. 

We've created a waiver journey series to help you with each step of the way:

Family Support Waiver Journey - Part 2
Completing Your Journey - After you've been targeted.
Family Support Waiver Journey - Continues Selecting Providers and Services

Your case manager, once you choose one, should be able to help you understand the services available and what they offer. There's also a waiver manual you can ask for that has all of this information in it:

In an effort to help you become a better-educated consumer, we're going to share information about waiver services, with a focus on those under the Family Supports Waiver since that's what most families will receive. However, you can read the waiver manual to find information about additional services available on the Community Integration and Habilitation waiver.
They will also be posted to Twitter @FVIndiana . You can find them via our feed, or search #waiverwise

Here's a list of services we'll cover:

 Adult Day Services  Behavioral Support Services  Case Management  Community-Based Habilitation − Group  Community-Based Habilitation − Individual  Facility-Based Habilitation − Group  Facility-Based Habilitation − Individual  Facility-Based Support Services  Family and Caregiver Training  Intensive Behavioral Intervention  Music Therapy   Participant Assistance and Care  Personal Emergency Response System   Prevocational Services  Psychological Therapy  Recreational Therapy  Respite  Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies  Supported Employment Follow Along  Transportation  Workplace Assistance

If you have questions, please ask your case manager. You're also welcome to contact Family Voices Indiana: 317 944 8982 
Many of our children have the waiver and we use it ourselves.

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