Saturday, November 14, 2015

#Waiverwise: Recreational Therapy

Waiver services should be person centered. You will create a Service Plan within the budget limit ( $16,545 annually for FSW). There is more information available on this process in the waiver manual.

More information, including service costs, available in the manual:

Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy services are services provided under this article and consisting of a medically approved recreational program to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate an individual in order to 
 Improve the individual’s functioning and independence 
 Reduce or eliminate the effects of an individual’s disability

Reimbursable activities under Recreational Therapy services include the following: 
 Organizing and directing adapted sports, dramatics, arts and crafts, social activities, and other recreation services designed to restore, remediate, or rehabilitate 
 Planning, reporting, and write-up when in association with the actual one-on-one direct care/therapy service delivery with the waiver participant 
 Individual services 
 Group services in group sizes no greater than four participants to one Recreational Therapist (Unit rate divided by number of participants served) 

The following activities are not allowed as part of Recreational Therapy services: 
 Payment for the cost of the recreational activities, registrations, memberships, or admission fees associated with the activities being planned, organized, or directed 

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