Sunday, November 29, 2015

#Waiverwise: Understanding the Waiting List for Family Supports

The DDRS/BDDS policy states individuals may be placed on a single statewide waiting list after applying for waiver services and meeting specified criteria. Individuals are responsible for maintaining current collateral and contact information with their local DDRS/BDDS office. 

Initial Placement on the Single, Statewide Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Waiting List 

For initial placement on the single, statewide HCBS waiver waiting list, the following requirements must be met: 
 Individuals or their legal representative must complete an application and submit the application to their local DDRS/BDDS office to apply for HCBS waiver services. 

 The individual is expected to participate in the completion of the following: 
 Application 
 Collateral information, including the following: 
 Level of Care screening tool DDRS 
 Supporting documents: o Diagnostic evaluations o Functional evaluations o Psychological reports o Individualized Education Program from schools o School records o Physician’s diagnosis and remarks o Existing evaluation done by Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or vocational rehabilitation o IQ testing done at any time 
 Medicaid application for individuals more than 18 years of age 
 SSI application, if applicable 

 A LOC screening tool is used to assess any individual six years of age and older. 
 An individual must meet 
 The State definition of a developmental disability found in IC 12-7-2-61(a) and 
 ICF/IID level of care (LOC) with substantial functional limitations as defined in 42 CFR §435.1010 
 If an individual completes the application and meets the LOC criteria listed in the preceding section, Section 5.3, they are placed on the waiting list using the individual’s application date. 

Waiting List Targeting for a Family Supports Waiver Slot For an individual to be targeted for a Family Supports Waiver (FSW), the following requirements must be met: 
 Individuals are targeted for an FSW waiver slot from the single statewide waiting list using the individual’s application date. 
 Individuals are targeted in the order they applied for services, from the oldest date of application to newest. 
 Individuals ages 18 through 24 who have aged out of, graduated from, or permanently separated from their school setting 

Individuals under Age 6:

The following pertain to parents or guardians of children younger than six applying for the HCBS waiting list: 
 A parent or guardian may apply for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) at any time after a child’s birth. 
 Children younger than six years old have their information entered into the DDRS/BBDS database along with the application date. 
 When a child turns six years old, families have two years to come into their local DDRS/BBDS office for completion of the LOC screening tool.

 If, on the child’s eighth birthday, the LOC screening tool has not been completed, the child loses his or her original application date. 
 It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that the local DDRS/BBDS office receives adequate information to complete the LOC screening tool within the time frame. 
 If the child’s LOC screening tool is completed by the age of eight and the DDRS/BBDS determines that the child meets the criteria for HCBS Waiver services, the child is placed on the single statewide waiting list with his or her original application date. 

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