Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Action Alert: Public Comment Period for #CIH Waiver Transformation

Family Voices Indiana encourages families to comment on the CIH Waiver Transformation. Even if your child does not currently have a waiver, s/he might in the future. This is an opportunity to make sure it will address your child's needs.

On January 4, 2016, the Indiana Family and Social Service Administration Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) intends to submit a proposed amendment to the Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) waiver to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) for consideration. 

DDRS has posted for public the CIH waiver second amendment to the DDRS Draft Policies for Public Comment webpage, along with a frequently asked questions document. 

The amendment to the CIH waiver includes additional services, and clarifications to the existing services, covered under the waiver program. Due to some limitations in the actual waiver amendment not all changes to services are reflected in that document. DDRS has posted a full set of the new service definitions on the CIH Transform webpage. Each new or updated service has a link to the service definition online. There is also a comprehensive list of all services in the Service Definition Matrix posted at CIH Transform. DDRS asked that stakeholders pay particular attention to training requirements as well as provider qualifications found within each service definition. 

Comments will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. EST on Monday, December 28, 2015, and may be emailed to CIHW@fssa.in.gov or mailed to the address below.
CIH Amendment Public Comment c/o Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services 402 W. Washington St., #W453 P.O. Box 7083, MS26 
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7083 

A list of the proposed modifications, please see the information below. 

 Case Management – service definition was modified to accommodate for consistency with a new service definition for Intensive Support Coordination o A new service has been added - Intensive Support Coordination which includes all services outlined in the Case Management service definition with additions to reflect enhanced services for individuals receiving Intensive Residential Support – Behavioral or Medical. The rate structure for this service has also been posted.

 Electronic Monitoring services – ending 09/30/2016 to be replaced by a more comprehensive new service, Remote Support Technology 

 Enhanced Residential Living – newly added service and rate structure  Intensive Residential Supports – Behavioral – newly added service and rate structure

  Intensive Residential Supports – Medical – newly added service and rate structure 

 Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) – previously offered only under the Family Supports Waiver but now added to the CIH Waiver 

 Personalized Emergency Response System services - ending 09/30/2016 to be incorporated into a more comprehensive new service, Remote Support Technology 

 Remote Support Technology – new, more comprehensive service incorporating and replacing components of Electronic Monitoring services and Personalized Emergency Response System services as of 10/01/2016. 

 Residential Habilitation and Support – Daily (RHS Daily) – ending 09/30/2016  Residential Habilitation and Support (Hourly) – updated to incorporate staff training requirements and to clarify the service is designed to be used by individuals residing with family or in their own home 

 Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) – ending 09/30/2016 to be replaced by Adult Family Living as of 10/01/2016 

 Transportation (non-medical) – name changed to Non-Medical Transportation and service more accurately described 

 Transportation for Community Employment/Volunteerism – newly added service reserved for participants engaged in community employment and/or volunteer activities, as specified in their support plan 

 Wellness Coordination – updated to prohibit authorization as a separate service for participants receiving Enhanced Residential Living (ERL), Intensive Residential Supports-Behavioral or Intensive Residential Supports-Medical 

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