Monday, December 14, 2015

Children Under Age 6 and the Family Supports Waiver

If you applied before age 6, we encourage you to check on the status of your application.

  • Call BDDS 1-800-545-7763
  • Ask for the application date they are currently targeting
  • Check to make sure your application date has not been targeted already  

From BDDS:

If the BDDS targeting date is after the child’s  application date the local office will target that child, scheduling a time to meet with the parents and child and complete level of care.
If the child’s application date has not yet reached the dates that BDDS is now targeting, the local office can place that child on the Family Supports Waiver wait list with his/her original date of application.  The local office would then contact the family when the child’s name came up for targeting.

If you applied before age 6 and your child is now older than 6, you need to call BDDS before age 8 and ask for a level of care screening if you have not been contacted by BDDS at this time.

Below is the policy language regarding this population. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 317 944 8982

Individuals under Age 6:

The following pertain to parents or guardians of children younger than six applying for the HCBS waiting list:
 A parent or guardian may apply for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) at any time after a child’s birth.
 Children younger than six years old have their information entered into the DDRS/BBDS database along with the application date.
 When a child turns six years old, families have two years to come into their local DDRS/BBDS office for completion of the LOC screening tool.

 If, on the child’s eighth birthday, the LOC screening tool has not been completed, the child loses his or her original application date.
 It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that the local DDRS/BBDS office receives adequate information to complete the LOC screening tool within the time frame.
 If the child’s LOC screening tool is completed by the age of eight and the DDRS/BBDS determines that the child meets the criteria for HCBS Waiver services, the child is placed on the single statewide waiting list with his or her original application date. 

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