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Families of Children with Health Complexity

Children with complex health care needs are a sentinel population for shortcomings in the organization and financing of children’s health care in the U.S. This invitational symposium identified and discussed issues within the general child health care system that have particular salience for the care of children with complex health problems. It provided a forum to learn from those making progress on these issues as well as those working in adult health care and health policy. Participants engaged in dialogue to identify solutions to the issues, make recommendations for adoptions of those solutions in practice, programs, and policy.

We're pleased to share that our director, Rylin Rodgers, was the keynote speaker. You can listen to her presentation below.

Stage Setting and Session 1: Families of Children with Health ComplexityRylin Rodgers, BA, Training Director, Riley Child Development Center, School of Medicine, University of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN

Seeking Families for Student Interviews: $50 Stipend


Family Voices Indiana shares this opportunity to positively impact future social workers:
Seeking families who are willing to be interviewed by Graduate Students about their experiences raising a child with special health care needs or disabilities. Interviews will take place during the Spring Semester of 2016 at mutually agreed upon times.  Families will receive a $50.00 stipend for their participation.
18 parents for a class of Social Workers:
Looking for all kinds of disabilities for children under 18 Preference for in-person interviews in Central IN, but could be via phone anywhere in the state
Interested families should send the following to Adult Name Child Name Child Age Child Diagnosis Phone number to reach adult Email to reach adult Best days and times to reach adult Address
Please RSVP with subject line "Interview" by Jan 16

Fact Sheets for those with Disabilities Accessing the #ACA

The NDNRC is an initiative aimed at providing cross-disability information and support to Navigators and other enrollment specialists thereby ensuring people with disabilities receive accurate information when selecting and enrolling in insurance through the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces. The NDNRC website can be found at: What to Know When Assisting Children and Adults in the Autism Community
What to Know When Assisting a Consumer who has Experienced or is at Risk for Blood Clots
What to Know When Assisting a Consumer with a Child with Special Health Care Needs
What to Know When Assisting a Consumer with Intellectual Disability
What to Know When Assisting a Consumer with Mental Illness
What to Know When Assisting a Consumer with Multiple Sclerosis
Information for Veterans Regarding Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare The entire list of fact sheets including our topical fact sheets is available here.