Friday, January 15, 2016

Action Alert: ABLE Act Bill Hearing 1.19 Write your Senators

from The Arc of Indiana:

SB 11 – ABLE Act, introduced by Senator Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville).  Creates the “achieving a better life experience” (ABLE) authority.  Established the ABLE Board of the authority.  Requires the authority to establish a qualified ABLE program under which a person may make contributions for a taxable year for the benefit of an eligible individual with a disability to an ABLE account to meet the qualified disability expenses of the designated beneficiary in compliance with federal law.  
The bill is being heard in the Senate tax and Fiscal Policy Committee on Tuesday, January 19th at 8:30 a.m. in room 431 of the Indiana State House.  Please take a moment to contact members of the committee and urge their support of SB 11:
Chairman, Senator Brandt Hershman;
Senator Travis Holdman;
Senator Jim Buck;
Senator Ed Charbonneau;
Senator Luke Kenley;
Senator Pete Miller;
Senator Ryan Mishler;
Senator John Broden;
Senator Jean Breaux;
Senator Frank Mrvan;
Senator Lonnie Randolph;

SB 278 – Employment of Individuals with Disabilities.  Provides that the policy of the state is to promote competitive and integrated employment, including self-employment, as the first and preferred option when providing services to individuals with disabilities who are of working age.  Provides that the policy applies to programs and agencies that provide services and support to help obtain employment for individuals with disabilities.  Provides that the primary objective and preferred outcome of transition services provided as part of a special education program or related services to a child with a disability who is at least 14 years of age is to assist the child in obtaining competitive and integrated employment.  Makes other provisions.

Please contact Chairman of the Senate Pensions and Labor Committee, Senator Phil Boots to urge his to hear SB 278.  He can be reached at:

HB 1219 – High School Diplomas. Requires: (1) a charter high school; (2) a high school operated by a school corporation; and (3) a high school that is eligible to receive choice scholarships; to offer the high school’s students the opportunity to earn any type pf state diploma approved by the state board of education.  Provides that a student with a disability shall not be required to complete local requirements that exceed state requirements to receive a diploma.

Please contact Chairman of the House Education Committee, Representative Bob Behning and urge him to hear HB 1219.  He can be reached at:

HB 1257 – Applied Behavior Analysis Programs.  Urges the legislative Council to assign the study, during the 2016 legislative interim, of the appropriate regulatory structure and agency to regulate independent centers that provide applied behavior analysis services.

Please contact Chairwoman of the House Public Health Committee, Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, and urge her to hear HB 1257.  She can be reached at

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