Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tax Forms to Report Insurance Coverage under Medicaid

from Covering Kids and Families Indiana:

A 1095-B tax form will be mailed to all Indiana residents enrolled in an Indiana Health Coverage Program/Medicaid that meets the federal definition of "minimum essential coverage" - such as HIP 2.0 - for at least one day in 2015. This form, to be sent by the state, relates only to coverage provided by the state. Recipients of these forms may receive additional Form 1095-Bs and other health care tax documents (such as Form 1095-A and Form 1095-C) if they received other health care benefits in 2015.  These forms will be mailed by early February.
A cover letter will explain the federal requirements regarding health insurance and will indicate coverage status to be used when completing the tax forms. The 1095-B Form provides the information each person will need for the income tax return. It will also instruct members to review the 1095-B form for accuracy and, if the information on the form is not correct, to call 1-855-673-0145 to report any changes.  This is a special hotline the state has set up to take these calls and help members ensure their information is accurate.

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