Wednesday, April 27, 2016

After The IEP is Developed #sped

Once an IEP has been developed, the school must provide a copy of the IEP at no cost to the parent(s) within 10 business days of the date of the CCC meeting. The school may also give the IEP to the parent(s) at the end of the meeting, or it may mail the IEP to the parent(s) at a later date as long as the parent(s) receives the IEP no later than 10 business days after the CCC meeting. 

Parental consent (written permission) must be obtained for the school to provide special education services for the first time. Once the parent(s) has given consent for the school to provide special education services, the school must continue to provide special education services included in the current IEP unless the parent(s) revokes (withdraws) their consent for services. 

Once parental consent to begin services is given the student’s parent(s) should always be included in decisions by the CCC. However, written consent from the parent(s) is not required to revise the IEP. After communicating with the parent(s) about the IEP changes being made, the school has to provide the parent(s) with written notice before it can implement any of the proposed changes. This written notice must also inform the parent(s) of what steps they may take, should the parent(s) disagree with the proposed changes 

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