Monday, April 18, 2016

Can Participants Be Excused From the CCC? #sped

In some circumstances, a required member (i.e., the school representative, special education teacher, general education teacher, or the person explaining how the evaluation results impact instruction) may be excused from the meeting if the school and the parent(s) agree in writing that the member’s attendance is not necessary for all or part of the meeting. However, if that member’s area of curriculum or related services will be discussed or modified during the meeting and the member will miss the entire meeting, s/he must provide input in writing to the parent(s) and the other CCC members prior to the meeting and the parent(s) must provide written consent for the excusal. The school must obtain parental consent to excuse the required participant before the CCC meeting. If the parent(s) does not agree to an excusal of a required member of the CCC, the required member must participate in the CCC meeting or the meeting must be rescheduled.

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