Sunday, April 17, 2016

Case Conference Meetings #sped

The CCC must meet: 
• Within the stated timeline for an initial evaluation or reevaluation; 
• At least annually; 
• When requested by the parent(s) or school personnel; 
• Within 10 school days of the date a student with a disability enrolls from another school district or state; 
• Within 10 school days of a disciplinary change of placement; 
• To determine an interim alternative educational setting (IAES); and 
• Every 60 school days when a student with a disability has been placed on full time homebound services. 

The school schedules the CCC meeting that is a “mutually agreed upon time and place” by the parent(s) and school personnel. Some schools set up the conference at the time parental consent (permission) for the evaluation is received. This is not required, but it does permit for increased flexibility in choosing convenient dates and times for all involved.

Once the CCC meeting is arranged, the school will send the parent(s) a written notice of the CCC meeting that includes the date, time, location, purpose, and the names and titles of participants expected to be in attendance that are believed to have special knowledge or expertise about the student. The notice must also advise the parent(s) of their right to invite anyone the parent(s) determines to have special knowledge or expertise about the student. If you, as the parent(s) are going to invite someone it is helpful to inform school personnel to ensure adequate seating and space for all who attend. 

If the parent(s) cannot attend in person, the school should ensure parental participation through other methods such as telephone or video conference. Article 7 [at 511 IAC 7-42- 2(b)] states that a CCC meeting may be conducted without a parent in attendance if the parent chooses not to participate in person or by other means. The school must document all attempts to arrange for a meeting to take place and any response received from the parent(s). 

If the parent(s) chooses not to participate, either in person or by other means, the school may conduct the CCC meeting without the parent(s). However, before the school can do this, it must make reasonable efforts to convince the parent(s) to participate, and it must document its efforts (such as telephone calls, emails, letters, home visits, etc.). See Article 7 [at 511 IAC 7-42-2(b)].

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