Thursday, April 21, 2016

Developing an IEP #sped

DEFINITION: Individualized Education Program (IEP) – The written plan that describes how the student will participate in the general education curriculum (if appropriate) and identifies the special education and related services that the school will provide to the student. Once the IEP is developed, the CCC must review the IEP at least one time each year and make changes to the IEP as needed.

The CCC develops the IEP after considering all of the information about the student. The CCC must consider various general factors when developing an IEP, such as:
• The student’s strengths, 
• The concerns of the parent(s) for improving the student’s education,
 • The results of any recent educational evaluations or assessments, and 
• The student’s academic, developmental, communication and functional needs. 

In addition, the CCC must consider special factors (when applicable) such as: 
• Positive supports and interventions when a student’s behavior affects his/her learning, 
• Supports to provide school personnel with knowledge and skills to implement the student’s IEP, 
• Language needs of a student with limited English proficiency, and 
• Instructional and communication needs for a student whose vision and/or hearing is impaired.

As the CCC reviews and considers all of the information, it identifies the student’s present levels of performance, writes annual goals to meet the student’s needs, identifies the special education and related services to meet those needs, and determines the most appropriate placement for the student. The end result of this and the other items described in the following section is a complete IEP for the student.

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