Monday, April 11, 2016

Educational Evaluation Reports #sped

The M-Team compiles the information into an evaluation report, and the school sends a written notice to the parent(s) that includes: 
• A summary of the evaluation results, 
• The school’s proposal on the student’s eligibility (at 511 IAC 7-42-4 it states the written notice must include a description of any action that may be proposed),
An explanation of the reasons for the school’s proposal. 

The school must prepare the written notice at least five (5) school days before the CCC meeting, in the event the parent(s) is requesting a copy be made available prior to meeting with the school. Although the written notice describes what the school proposes in regard to the student’s eligibility, the ultimate decision about the student’s eligibility is made by the student’s CCC.

 The final step in the educational evaluation process is the initial CCC meeting. The CCC reviews the evaluation results and other information, determines if the student is eligible, and if so, develops an individualized education program. 

If, at the time the parent(s) provided written consent for the educational evaluation, and requested to receive a copy of the evaluation report prior to the CCC meeting; the school must provide the report to the parent(s) at least five (5) school days prior to the CCC meeting. If the parent(s) requested a meeting with someone to explain the evaluation results prior to the CCC meeting, the school must conduct the meeting with the parent(s) at least five (5) school days before the CCC meeting. If no request was made by the parent(s) at the time written consent was provided, the school must provide the parent(s) with a copy of the report at the CCC meeting.

NOTE: Article 7 specifically prohibits the M-Team from using a severe discrepancy between academic achievement and global cognitive functioning to demonstrate or establish that the student exhibits a pattern of strengths and weaknesses in performance or achievement.

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