Thursday, April 14, 2016

Independent Educational Evaluation #sped

DEFINITION: Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) – an evaluation conducted by a qualified professional who is not an employee of the school. If the parent(s) disagrees with the results of the school’s educational evaluation, the parent(s) may request an IEE at public expense. In this case, the school pays for the IEE or otherwise assures that it is at no cost to the parent(s). If the IEE is at public expense, the parent(s) is allowed only one IEE each time the school conducts an evaluation.

Should the parent(s) requests that the school pay for an IEE, the school must provide information about where the parent(s) can get an IEE for the student, as well as the school’s criteria for an IEE. The parent(s) may choose a different independent evaluator so long as the evaluator is qualified and meets the school’s criteria. The school may ask the parent(s) why an IEE is necessary, but the school may not delay its response to the parent(s) request if the parent(s) chooses not to answer the school’s questions. Within 10 business days of the parent(s) request, the school must either: 
• Notify the parent(s) in writing that the school will pay for the IEE; or 
• Initiate a due process hearing to show that the school’s educational evaluation is appropriate. If an IEE is paid for by the school, a copy must be received by the school and the results of the IEE must be considered by the student’s CCC. If the parent(s) obtains an IEE at their own expense, the parent(s) chooses whether to share the results with the CCC. If the parent(s) shares the information from the IEE obtained at their own expense with the CCC, the CCC must consider the information in making decisions about the student’s educational needs. 

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