Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Initial Evaluation for Services #sped

A student’s parent(s) or school personnel working with the student may make a referral or request for an educational evaluation. If the parent(s) make the request, the request must be made verbally or in writing to licensed personnel such as teachers, school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, building principals, and other administrators. It is always a good idea for the parent(s) to put the request in writing. 

If the school refuses to conduct the evaluation, the notice must tell the parent(s) what action(s) they can take if they want to disagree with the school’s decision. An example may be that the school wants to institute an RtI process for the student instead of moving directly into conducting an educational evaluation. 

The parent(s) may ask the school to participate in mediation or request a due process hearing if the school declines to conduct the requested evaluation. However, in an effort to better understand the school’s position and perhaps reach an agreement on the requested evaluation, the parent(s) may wish to meet with representatives from the school to talk further with school personnel before deciding upon further action. Although there is no timeframe in which the parent(s) must take action, this should occur in a timely manner to ensure the educational needs of the student are fully addressed if needed.

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