Saturday, April 16, 2016

Participation in the Case Conference Committee (CCC) #sped

DEFINITION: Case Conference Committee (CCC) – The case conference committee (CCC) is the group of people including the parent(s) and school personnel, who share the responsibility of making educational decisions for a student with a suspected or identified disability. In the CCC meeting the parent(s) is an equal partner with the representative of the school. In the case where the student with a disability has attained adult legal status, the student will act on his/her own behalf thus assuming all of the functions and rights given to the parent(s).

The CCC must include: 

• A representative of the school (sometimes referred to as the public agency representative or PAR) who: 
o Knows about the school’s resources and has the authority to commit or expend them, 
o Knows about the general education curriculum, and 
o Can provide or supervise the provision of specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities; 

• The student’s teacher of record (TOR) or a teacher licensed in the area of the student’s suspected disability if the student has not yet been determined eligible. The speech language pathologist serves as the TOR for a student with a language or speech impairment only; 
• At least one of the student’s general education teachers, unless it is certain that the student is not or will not be participating in the general education environment; 
• A person able to describe what the evaluation information means in terms of how to best instruct the student and the instructional implications of the evaluation information. This individual is typically referred to as an instructional strategist; and 
• The parent(s) of a student less than 18 years of age or the student of legal age. In some cases this may include a guardian or educational representative for the student.

School personnel may fulfill more than one role in the CCC meeting. For example, the student’s TOR may also serve as the school representative with the authority of committing resources. At the discretion of the parent(s), the student may participate in any CCC meeting in addition to those CCC meetings to which the student must be invited. 

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, the CCC must include other individuals. For example, if the CCC is determining the student’s initial eligibility for special education, a member of the multidisciplinary team (M-Team) is required to attend. If the parent(s) has enrolled the student in a private school, a representative of the private school must either attend or participate by alternate means in the CCC meeting. For more information, see 511 IAC 7-42-3(c) and (d) and the Appendix for a chart on who must or may be invited to attend. 

Both the parent(s) and school personnel may invite “other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise” about the student. Determining if the individual has knowledge or special expertise is up to the person who invites the individual to participate.

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