Sunday, April 24, 2016

Related Services #sped

A related service is a developmental, corrective, or other supportive service that is provided to help a student benefit from his/her special education program. The CCC decides what related services, if any, a student needs. For example, a student who is deaf or hard of hearing may need an educational interpreter in order to participate in the school setting. Or, if a student who is orthopedically impaired needs physical therapy to help him/her learn to get around the school more independently. The most common related service is transportation. For a list of common related services and what each service includes, see 511 IAC 7-43-1. 

The IEP must state the type of related service to be provided, when the service will begin and end, how frequently the service will be provided (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), the length of the service (15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, etc.), and where the service will be provided. The IEP should be specific and detailed enough so that both the parent(s) and school personnel can clearly determine how much of a service the student should be receiving at any one time during and throughout the school year.  

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