Tuesday, April 12, 2016


If the parent(s) meets with the school and disagrees with the educational evaluation there are a few options available. The parent(s) may explain to the school personnel the specific reason(s) for the disagreement. The parent(s) may also want to seek input from other professionals who know the student well or have worked with the student in the past. These discussions should occur in the CCC meeting so that all who are involved with or familiar with the student may provide input as well. Finally, the parent(s) may ask the school for an independent educational evaluation to be conducted at public expense

NOTE: Students suspected of having a specific learning disability cannot be found eligible for special education on the basis of a specific ‘point discrepancy’ between the student’s intellectual ability and classroom performance. To find a student eligible as a student with a specific learning disability, the CCC must review and consider data that, in addition to the documentation of appropriate instruction in reading and math, verifies the student: 
• Does not achieve adequately for the student’s age or grade level standards when provided with learning experiences and instruction appropriate for the student’s age or state grade level standards; 
• Does not make sufficient progress to meet age or grade level standards based on the student’s response to scientific, research-based intervention; or 
• Exhibits a pattern of strengths and weaknesses in performance or achievement, or both, relative to age, grade level standards, and intellectual development.

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