Thursday, April 28, 2016

Written Notice and the IEP #sped

In addition to providing the parent(s) with a copy of the IEP, the school must also provide the parent(s) with a written notice that: 
• Describes what the school is proposing or refusing to offer. For example, if the parent(s) asked for 30 minutes of speech therapy two times a week, but the school wants to provide 30 minutes one time per week, the written notice would say that the school is proposing speech therapy for 30 minutes each week and is refusing the request for 60 minutes of speech therapy each week; 
• Describes all of the information the school used in decision-making; 
• Explains why the school made its decision(s); 
• Describes any other options the CCC considered; • Describes any other factors that are relevant to the school’s proposal or refusal; 
• Explains that the parent(s) has protection under the procedural safeguards and how to obtain a copy of the safeguards; 
• Explains what action the parent(s) can take if they disagree with what the school wants to do [applies only to IEPs written after the parent(s) consented to the initial IEP]; 
• Explains that if the parent(s) takes any actions to disagree with the IEP within the timeline, the school must continue to implement the student’s current IEP (rather than the proposed IEP); and 
• Provides a list of resources for the parent(s) to contact if they want help in understanding the notice or other special education rules. 

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