Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dental Care under the Affordable Care Act

Access to dental care is an important aspect of maintaining good health, but it’s something that’s commonly overlooked when consumers look for health coverage. Remind consumers not to forget about getting dental coverage! Consumers can obtain dental coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2 ways; as part of a health plan, or by itself through a stand-alone dental plan:  
  • Some health plans include dental coverage and this information is available in the Marketplace. Consumers can view which plans offer dental coverage by comparing them. Consumers who select a health plan with dental coverage can expect to pay one monthly premium to cover the health and dental plan. This dental plan option can only be modified during Open Enrollment. Cancellation of the dental plan on will also cancel the health plan.   
  • Stand-alone dental plans are also offered in the Marketplace. This option is available to consumers who select a health coverage that does not include dental coverage or for consumers who want a different dental coverage. Consumers who selects a stand-alone dental plan will pay a separate, additional premium. The stand-alone dental plan option can be cancelled at any time during the year by contacting the plan or the Marketplace call center.
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