Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Taking Care of YOU by Jan Labas

June can be a month of transitions.  Our children are finishing school and starting new routines which means that we as parents are doing the same.  For some, the onset of summer vacation is a relief from the early mornings of getting ready for school and for others it can be a terrifying change of having your children home with you all day and wondering how you will k

No matter how summer vacation finds you, it is important to remember to take care of yourself.  Summer often means the demands on our time are increased which can lead to us being even more tired and stressed than the normal rhythm of the year.

Respite is an available service under the Medicaid Waiver program.  This offers one way to take care of yourself.  These hours can’t be used for a parent to go to work or school. They are intended to give us a needed break to recharge our parental batteries. When my children were younger I was awful at this.  I thought no one could do things for my child the way I could.  In time I learned I was correct, others didn’t do things the way I did, but the way they did them was still ok.  My children came to enjoy their time with alternate caregivers.  I also learned that it didn’t make me a bad mom, it helped me have more patience when I most needed it.  If you don’t have Waiver services yet, you may be able to access respite while on the Family Support waiver waiting list. You can ask about the Caregiver Support Program at your local BDDS office.

You can also think creatively.  Are there family members, friends and neighbors who often mention, “let me know if I can ever be of help?”  Take them up on it.  Maybe you’d only use it once a month over the summer. That would be three mornings you could escape to your room for a long nap, meet a friend for coffee and not talk about the children, or do what I did, think.  The expression, “I can’t even find time to think”, was my personal mantra.  I would take all my little scraps of papers with notes on them, my calendar, appointment cards, and sit in a corner of a coffee shop and get organized.  I would think through all the things coming up and special arrangements to be made.  I came home refreshed and feeling like I was on top of things.  We must remember to take care of ourselves because very special people depend on us!

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