Friday, July 8, 2016

Legislative Study Committees

Legislative study committees announcedState Capitol
During the legislative session many interim study committee topics are recommended by the General Assembly. The meetings allow experts in the field and state agencies to share information about the current state of issues in Indiana in preparation for the next legislative session.  

In late May, the Legislative Council announced the topics to be studied in the interim before the 2017 session.  Committee membership  has also been announced.  Here are a few highlights of interest to our members and partners (only a subset of all):
  • Corrections and Criminal Code will study use of GPS in victim notification in domestic violence cases.
  • Courts and the Judiciary will study guardianship, civil rights issues related to gender identity and sexual orientation and visitation with a protected person.
  • Education will study ways to reduce school sexual misconduct and violations in schools.
  • Employment and Labor will study mis-classification of independent contractor status and payroll fraud.
  • Fiscal Policy will study tax incentives, food desert grant and loan program and return on investment for early childhood education spending.
  • Public Health, Behavioral Health and Human Services will study heroin use and treatment, loan forgiveness for certain dentists, multi-state nurse licensure, medical records confidentiality and disclosure in child abuse cases, hospital immunizations, employment first and First Steps.
  • Public Policy will study certain alcohol issues and daily fantasy sports, including if child support and past due taxes should be intercepted.
  • Public Safety and Military Affairs will study whether grants from military relief fund should be paid directly to vendors and more about district veteran service officers.
  • Roads and Transportation will study special group license plates and seat belts on school buses.
Separate panels were already established by law to study alternatives to ISTEP,redistricting, roads and immigration.

Upcoming committee meetings include: 
Check the interim committee calendar for updates.  

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