Friday, August 5, 2016

Importance of Medicaid


Earlier this year, we shared a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation which estimated that approximately 8.8 million people remain uninsured but would be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP if they would apply. (To see our news item on that report, click here.) This week, the NDNRC has released three new videos which highlight the benefits that Medicaid has had for real people. These videos are part of an effort to increase outreach for Medicaid enrollment. To view the stories from three families who have benefited from Medicaid coverage, check out the videos from CyndiSally and Carol. All of these videos are also available on our YouTube channel which can be found here.

Do you have questions about how eligibility and enrollment are coordinated between Medicaid, CHIP and the marketplace? Last week, CMS issued new guidance on the coordination of all three of these programs. To learn more or to download a copy, read our news item on the new guidance by clicking here.

If you need info about Medicaid, feel free to contact Family Voices Indiana 317 944 8982

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