Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Health Insurance 101

Find health insurance confusing? We’re here to help!

FH Health Insurance 101 is a series of guides and videos that use “plain speak” to explain health insurance. Read this series if you have a health plan from an employer, an exchange/marketplace or a union, or one that you bought directly from an insurer. 

Find answers to questions such as:
Use this easy-to-follow series with our FH Medical Cost Lookup and
FH Dental Cost Lookup tools to help you:
  • Choose a health plan;
  • Plan the costs of healthcare—for you and your family;
  • Decide whether to stay in-network or go out-of-network for care;
  • Discuss fees with your provider;
  • Review your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form;
  • Review your bills to make sure they are correct; and
  • Decide whether to appeal a reimbursement decision.
Give yourself the power to make smarter choices, so you can protect your health and your wallet

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