Friday, December 9, 2016

Preparing for the 2017 Legislative Session

from Indiana Assn of United Ways:

Preparing for the 2017 legislative sessionState Capitol
The Indiana General Assembly convened for the first time leading up to the 2017 legislative session on Organization Day last month.  The 2017 session will begin on January 3 and must end no later than April 29.  This session is a "long session" where lawmakers will decide the state's next two-year budget which is typically about $30 billion.  Legislators will make tough funding decisions on state government services, including education, infrastructure and public safety. Helpful links to help you follow are below: 
IaUW has started to monitor Third House Sessions and Meet Your Legislator events across the state.  These meetings are opportunities for constituents to talk to their legislators and learn about bills they are working on at the statehouse.  It is important that legislators hear input from their constituents and these events are a great way for you to connect and share your thoughts.  View our Third House Calendar that will be updated regularly over the next few weeks and throughout session.  Check back often for new events as they are scheduled!

Weigh in on issues important to you!
Submitting comments during rulemaking periods is an important way to shape policy. State and federal agencies appreciate specific comments about possible impacts and ways to improve proposed rules. Below are a few open comment periods in Indiana.
  • Department of Education is accepting public comments on the Every Student Succeeds Act to help shape the state plan. Learn more.
  • FSSA Department of Mental Health and Addiction is accepting written comments regarding the addition of psychosocial rehabilitation services offered in accredited clubhouse settings under the Medicaid Rehabilitation Option.  Learn more.

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