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Respite Care

It’s often difficult for parents to ask for help. However, taking care of yourself often helps you have the patience and energy to care for your child with special health care needs . One of the questions we frequently get asked is how to find respite. Respite can allow you to get a short breath and/or spend time with the other children in your family. There are different options available to you depending upon where you live and your child's eligibility.

One of the most utilized programs for respite is the home and community based services system. These are often called Medicaid waivers in Indiana. Once you apply for the Family Supports waiver and are placed on the waiting list, you can request caregiver support from the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS). This is funding for a limited amount of respite through an approved provider. You can not be receiving other DDRS services, like First Steps, in order to receive caregiver support. This site has a …

Legislative Study Committees

Legislative study committees announced During the legislative session manyinterim study committee topicsare recommended by the General Assembly. The meetings allow experts in the field and state agencies to share information about the current state of issues in Indiana in preparation for the next legislative session.  
In late May, the Legislative Council announced the topics to be studied in the interim before the 2017 session.  Committee membership  has also been announced.  Here are a few highlights of interest to our members and partners (only a subset of all): Corrections and Criminal Code will study use of GPS in victim notification in domestic violence cases.Courts and the Judiciary will study guardianship, civil rights issues related to gender identity and sexual orientation and visitation with a protected person.Education will study ways to reduce school sexual misconduct and violations in schools.Employment and Labor will study mis-classification of independent contractor statu…