Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Public Comment Period for Part C (First Steps) Plan

To: Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services’ stakeholders From: Christina Commons, Director, First Steps Re: Part C State Application FFY 2017 - Notice of Comment Period Date: February 27, 2017

The State of Indiana is accepting public comment on the Part C State Plan. The plan is on file with the Bureau of Child Development Services, 402 W. Washington St., MS 51, Indianapolis, IN 46204 and on the Program Evaluation Reports Web page. Copies of the application may also be available for review at First Steps Councils and System Point of Entry offices throughout the state or at the above address. Interested persons may request copies of the application by calling 1-800-545-7763 or emailing FirstStepsWeb@fssa.IN.gov.

Interested persons and organizations may submit written comments for State review until April 20, 2017. Written comments should include the name, title and address of commentator, the specific part of the proposed application on which comments are being made, and the specific recommended actions to be taken.

Comments may be mailed to First Steps Early Intervention System, Bureau of Child Development Services, 402 W. Washington St. MS 51, Indianapolis, IN 46204, Attn: First Steps Application or emailed to FirstStepsWeb@fssa.IN.gov.

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