Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Raise Our Voice: Invite 5 Families to join Family Voices Indiana's Network

Family Voices is a grassroots organization serving families of children and youth with special health care needs and the professional who serve them. We are only as strong as the sum of our parts, and we invite you to use your voice and networks to help us raise our voice.

Anytime we have a change in administration at the local, state, or national level, there is a possibility that long standing programs might undergo changes. In these instances, it’s important for families to advocate for their children and the programs that support them.We have seen the power of our collective voice as the American Health Care Act was sent back to the drawing board, and this has been, in part, credited to the overwhelming voice of the American citizenry as concerns for their health care, livelihoods, and families were expressed to Congress. At each step, Family Voices Indiana provided our network with action and advocacy alerts as well as factual information about proposed policy and legislation.

Join with us, linked heart-to-heart and family-to-family, to raise our voice and expand our network to ensure action alerts reach vast audiences. Customize and share the following message to add your 5.
Please join with me in an important effort to advocate for positive programs and policies. Programs that affect the health and livelihood of my family and friends are under consideration for drastic changes, budget cuts, and, even elimination. We must link family-to-family and raise our voice  to influence positive votes and productive change. Family Voices Indiana is my trusted resource for action and advocacy alerts. Join their network by subscribing to your preferred outlet:


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