Friday, May 26, 2017

Legislative Update and Interim Study Committees

from Indiana Assn of United Ways:

View the end of session Legislative Update webinar 
Indiana United Ways, Indiana Coalition for Human Services and the Children's Coalition of Indiana partner to provide legislative updates to related to nonprofit and human services issues.  The webinar will provide a recap of the 2017 legislative session and updates on key human services legislation.  View the recording and contact us if you have any additional questions.  You may also view Indiana United Ways' Legislative Summary.

At the StatehouseInterim study committee topics assignedState Capitol
During the 2017 legislative session a number of study topics were recommended through legislation and the Legislative Council is who decides which topics should be assigned. The resolution assigning the study committee topics was released this week. Below is a breakdown of the assignments with highlighted topics that may be of importance to our readers.
  • Interim Study Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources: issues related to concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) related to transformation of traditional farms and the need for special regulations
  • Interim Study Committee on Commerce and Economic Development: short term rentals and restrictions; government regulation and services that arise around the sharing economy operating through electronic platforms
  • Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code: implementation of HEA1006-2014 including savings, jail overcrowding, regional jails and more; review of bills that increase criminal penalties; increasing support services related to mental and addiction for individuals in the criminal just system; serious mental illness and the death penalty
  • Interim Study Committee on Courts and the Judiciary: changes in court jurisdictions; adult protective services (APS); defense services for CHINS children; civil forfeiture laws; guardianships and shared decision making
  • Interim Study Committee on Education: eligibility of undocumented student to pay the resident tuition rate; new teacher introduction programs;several topics related to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • Interim Study Committee on Elections: impact of policy changes related to Indiana election law related to voter participation and election results
  • Interim Study Committee on Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications: self-generation of electricity by school corporations; wind power devices; rental rates on utility poles; rural broadband service in Indiana
  • Interim Study Committee on Environmental Affairs: public water supply protection, providing water utility service that is affordable and adequate for those areas without
  • Interim Study Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance: incorporation of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  • Interim Study Committee on Fiscal Policy: eliminating the state gross retail tax on food in vending machines; issues related to taxes by retail merchants and for transient residential housing; establishing a neighborhood enhancement property tax relief; tax increment financing and the uniform property tax assessment of nonprofit entities; school district financial analysis;multi-year review and evaluation of all tax incentives
  • Interim Study Committee on Government: food deserts
  • Interim Study Committee on Pension Management Oversight: public pension program; increasing participation of public employees in retirement savings
  • Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health and Human Services: shortage of healthcare providers, improving diabetes, improvements to the INSPECT program;changes to state law to respond to changes in federal law on healthcare.
  • Interim Study Committee on Public Safety and Military Affairs: employer responsibility for healthcare coverage to surviving spouse and children of officer who dies in line of duty
  • Interim Study Committee on Roads and Transportation: eligibility for INDOT contracts; motor vehicle maintenance; special group recognition license plates; traffic amnesty
  • Commission on Improving the Status of Children:  infant mortality and children born with an addiction; license requirements as barrier contributing to shortage of child care and abuse providers

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