Friday, June 9, 2017

Be a #SaveMedicaid Ally

The most effective thing you can do is to call or meet with your Senators and Representative. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121

But here are some other advocacy options:

Stories and photos have major power. Print out this #SaveMedicaid Poster and use the blank space to write how cuts and caps to Medicaid will affect you. Take a selfie while holding your sign and post it to social media, tagging #SaveMedicaid and your Member of Congress (find your Members of Congress and their twitter account here). 

Here are some helpful tweets, pre-written for you to copy/paste into a tweet:
  • Cutting and capping Medicaid is dangerous for PWD #SaveMedicaid
  • Innovation needs funding. Cutting Medicaid isn’t the answer. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid helps PWD live lives like everyone else #SaveMedicaid
  • We want to live in our homes, not nursing homes! #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Federal cuts and caps will shift costs onto PWD & families – People who are already struggling #SaveMedicaid
  • Less money means LESS flexibility for states #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Less money means fewer disability services for the people who need it most! #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid helps PWD get and keep jobs so they can be taxpaying citizens & full members of their communities #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid helps support kids with disabilities so they can get the free, appropriate education they deserve #SaveMedicaid
  • Unpaid caregivers (like parents) save taxpayers $450 billion a year. Cutting their support hurts everyone. #SaveMedicaid
  • Waiting lists are already years long. Medicaid cuts & caps would make them even longer. #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Direct support workers are overworked & underpaid. Cutting & capping Medicaid makes the situation worse. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid expansion has saved thousands of lives. Don’t turn back the clock! #SaveMedicaid
  • People with less shouldn’t have to pay more for basic care. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid expansion funds Community First Choice, which helps PWD live at home instead of nursing homes & institutions #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid pays for necessary #SpecEd services that students with disabilities need to succeed #SaveMedicaid
  • Don’t be fooled: Caps ARE cuts. #SaveMedicaid #NoCutsNoCaps
  • Medicaid caps = Robin Hood in reverse. #SaveMedicaid
  • Timely access to care is a life or death matter. #SaveMedicaid
  • We need more Medicaid funding, not less, to improve choices and quality of care. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is my lifeline. #SaveMedicaid
  • Without federal funding, states will have to choose which people to cover and which to let die. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is the nation’s largest health insurer for kids w/ disabilities & special health care needs, covering 43% of them #SaveMedicaid #SaveOurKids
  • Slashing funds to state Medicaid prgms puts tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of children and their futures. #SaveMedicaid
  • Nearly half of Medicaid beneficiaries are children: 30+million low‐income kids rely on benefits to live. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is currently the gold standard for children’s health care, including #EPSDT. Don’t force states to cut benefits. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid covers foster children and children with disabilities. #SaveMedicaid so these kids stay safe & healthy.
  • Kids with disabilities should be in their own homes, not nursing homes. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid is the largest source of funding nationwide for maternity care. #SaveMedicaid
  • 1in7 seniors rely on Medicaid for care as they age. #SaveMedicaid
  • Medicaid cuts and caps put our seniors in danger. #SaveMedicaid
  • “Flexibility” shouldn’t mean fewer, lower quality options for people with disabilities and families #SaveMedicaid

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Talking about “calling out” someone on Twitter – it’s super-imperative to call out your member of Congress. Which you can find out HERE. Click it, find their Twitter name and go ahead and call them out in your tweet by placing the “@” before their handle.
For example, I live in California, Kamala Harris is one of my Senators. Her twitter handle is @SenKamalaHarris.
My tweet would go something like,
“Medicaid saved my life, @SenKamalaHarris – #SaveMedicaid”

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