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New Medical Home Fact Sheets in English and Spanish

With support of the Indiana State Department of Health, we have authored and posted 10 new fact sheets on medical home in English and Spanish. We will also be adding these as short videos on our youtube channel

Please contact us if you'd like additional information or support. 844 F2F INFO

Medical Home

Medical Home: Basic Needs

Medical Home: What is it?

Communicating with Providers

Medical Home: Transition to Adult Care

Life Course

Mental Health Services

Rural Access to Medical Care

Insurance Basics 

Using Your Medicaid

and, also authored by Family Voices Indiana:

ABLE Account

This is when lifetime limits and pre-existing conditions almost killed me and my brother

by Rylin Rodgers
Rylin's daughter wrote this essay for college applications. Although Graham-Cassidy has been defeated and the Affordable Care Act continues to protect families' health care, the Rodgers' family story makes clear how important health care is--and reminds us that sharing our stories can help change legislators' hearts and minds, and help us WIN for women and families.
Describe an early memory. What did it mean to you then? What does it mean to you now? (250-650 words) The nearest Stride Rite looked a bit like a toy store, with a rainbow carpet and wooden shelves adorned with shoes in every color and style. I was so excited about getting new shoes; the ones I settled on were gray and purple. My brother picked out black shoes, though he didn’t share my appreciation for sparkles or lights, and our mom paid before we were on our way. It’s a happy memory for me; I got fabulous shoes that fit over my AFOs and in which I could walk. However, I also recall the scen…

DDRS Wellness Coordination Guide

2017 Wellness Guide Publication Wellness Coordination is a service the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services BDDS began offering on the Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver in 2014. Based on analysis of the service implementation and feedback from providers on service delivery approaches, the 2017 Wellness Coordination Guide has been updated and is available on the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services Announcements Web page. The guide reflects the following updates and changes - including, but not limited to: Clarification of the Wellness Tiers and activity expectations within each Tier to specify the minimum level of activities delivered under each Wellness Tier (pgs. 6-8);Clarifying information and examples of acceptable activities within each Wellness Tier to demonstrate appropriate models of service delivery for Wellness Coordination under each Tier (pgs. 6-8);Nurse responsibilities for delivery of Wellness service, and expectations for delivery…