Monday, April 2, 2018

BDDS Person Centered Individualized Support Plan update

The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (BDDS) is excited to announce the roll out of the new Person Centered Individualized Support Plan (PCISP).  By using the tools and philosophies of the LifeCourse Framework we have enhanced the current Individualized Support Plan to bring together a plan that will begin with an individual’s vision for a preferred life and will take the concept of self-determination from theory to practice.

The PCISP should chart a path for the Individualized Support Team to follow so that they can best support individuals and families in achieving their vision for a good life. The PCISP should clearly articulate the individual’s hopes, desires and needs as well as clearly describe current life circumstances.

The PCISP will help families, individuals and all persons involved in their daily life to look at the life domains that are important to a good life and recognizes the interconnectedness of everyday life. Those domains are: Daily Life and Employment, Community Living, Safety and Security, Healthy Living, Social and Spirituality, and Citizenship and Advocacy.

Families and individuals may begin receiving their PCISP via email or your case manager beginning the week of April 16, 2018.

It is important for families and individuals to update their email address with their case manager to begin receiving email PCISP updates when they become available.

BDDS hopes that this new process allows individuals and families to create a plan that is meaningful and supports them in their journey of pursing their dreams while living, loving, working, learning, playing and participating in their community.  

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