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Update: End of Legislative Session

The Arc of Indiana
Legislative Memo
March 15, 2018
The Indiana General Assembly adjourned Sine Die just a little after midnight this morning. The chaotic ending to the short session was a bit of a surprise given that the republicans have a super majority in both house and it was republican key bills that died due the 11:59 p.m. deadline. Everyone is waking up this morning angry and pointing blaming fingers. Key issues that died were gun control, school safety, autonomous vehicles, tax issues and the very contentious Ball State takeover of the Muncie Community school system. Aside from a few issues in the tax bill, democrats are not too disappointed that that the chaos played out as it did. In a very interesting move, the Governor put forth an Executive Order extending the legislative session by an hour which is not allowable by law. Now the conversation turns to a potential special session to take care of the outstanding items. For those of us interested in the legislative process and havi…

BDDS Waiver public notice and comment webinar

Waiver public notice and comment webinar To encourage stakeholder engagement in public notice and comment, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services has released a brief, informational webinar on public comment as part of the waiver amendment process. The purpose of the webinar is to walk stakeholders through how they can submit public comment and how to find changes within a Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver amendment. Both the Community Integration and Habilitation waiver and Family Supports waiver are scheduled to be posted for public comment on March 21, 2018. To view the webinar, please click here.